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A trip down memory lane as we retrace the roots of Sankofa and the incredible milestones that have shaped our legacy. From humble beginnings on Martin Luther King and 45, we've grown from a bookstore to a vibrant vegan eatery and cultural hotspot.

The Main Ingredient 

The title "The Main Ingredient" signifies the core elements that came together to shape the Sankofa we know today. It's a tribute to the soul, dedication, and passion that have always been the main ingredients in our journey.

Corporal James Allen 

Corporal James Allen retired Dallas Police Officer, joined us for a conversation to share his unique journey from growing up in Mississippi to becoming an activist and Police officer in the city of Dallas. 

Vincent Hall: Kofa Konversation with Mr. Vincent Hall as he shares his story of civic engagement in his teenage years to his activism and work in the city of Dallas.   

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